Latest Episodes:

#214 December 5, 2023

KubeCon NA 2023

This episode, Kaslin went to KubeCon North America In Chicago. She spoke to folks on the ground, asked them about their impressions of the conference, and collected a bunch of cool responses.

#213 November 28, 2023

Kubernetes Pen Testing, with Jesper Larsson

Jesper Larsson is a Freelance PenTester. Jesper works with a hacker community called Cure53. Co-organizes SecurityFest in Gothenburg, Sweden. Hosts Säkerhetspodcasten or The Security Podcast. Jesper is also a Star on Hackad, a Swedish TV Series about hacking.

#212 November 22, 2023

Confidential Computing, with Fabian Kammel

Fabian Kammel is a Security Architect at ControlPlane, where he helps to make the (cloud-native) world a safer place. In his career, he continuously worked to bring hardware security and cloud-native security closer together. His past projects include:

  • A cloud-native PKIs for on-road vehicle services secured by enterprise HSMs
  • An always-encrypted Kubernetes distribution that harnesses the power of Confidential Computing
  • And more recently securing SPIFFE-based machine identities via hardware attestation.

#211 November 17, 2023

etcd, with Marek Siarkowicz and Wenjia Zhang

Guests are Marek Siarkowicz, Senior Software Engineer at Google Cloud, Tech Lead of SIG-etcd AND Wenjia Zhang, Engineering Manager at Google Cloud and Co-Chair of SIG-etcd. We spoke about the project, the recent change to become a Special Interest Group and how to learn etcd.

#210 November 16, 2023

WasmCon 2023

WasmCon took place in Bellevue, Washington on Sept 6-7 2023. Kaslin and Mia from our advocacy team went down there and spoke to some folks at the conference to get their impression of the event.

#209 October 6, 2023

What's new in Istio, with John Howard and Keith Mattix

This week we explore what’s new in Istio with core maintainers John Howard and Keith Mattix.

#208 September 21, 2023

History of containerd, with Phil Estes

This week we explore the history of containers, particularly containerd, with Phil Estes.

#207 September 4, 2023

Kubernetes 1.28 with Grace Nguyen

Guest is Grace Nguyen. Kubernetes 1.28 release lead and student at the University of Waterloo. Grace had to juggle exams and community work to bring Kubernetes 1.28 to life. We will get to know grace and learn what work went into release, where the theme come from and what’s special about it

#206 August 21, 2023

LeakSignal with Wesley Hales and Max Bruce

Guests are Wesley Hales and Max Bruce are co-founders of LeakSignal. LeakSignal is an American startup which is building a set of tools and products to detect and prevent data exfiltration in Service Meshes and proxies supporting Envoy and proxy-wasm.

#205 July 27, 2023

The State of Kubernetes Cost Optimization, with Fernando Rubbo and Kent Hua

“The State of Kubernetes Cost Optimization,” is a recent report based on research into best practices for running Kubernetes clusters. If you’re running your workloads as efficiently as possible, your costs will be optimal too. The report reviews the data and offers recommendations on tools and techniques you can use to optimize your Kubernetes clusters. We talk with two of the report’s creators, Fernando Rubbo and Kent Hua, to learn more.